French Fry Potato Cutter Slicer Making Machine Stainless Steel

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Potato Chips Making Machine Stainless Steel French Fry Potato Cutter Slicer Chipper Cucumber Slice Cut Kitchen Gadgets

  • For Cutting Fries Insert The Potato Two Different-Size Cutters
  • Peeler:-
  • 100% Guenine and Original Product
  • With Peeler, Blender, Wisk, Frother,, Brush and Adapter
  • Frother is perfect for making milk froth and milkshakes
  • Whisk is to beat whole eggs, frosting, light mixtures, and for smooth batters
  • Brush for cleaning fruits and vegetables
  • Soup blender for mixing liquids and soups
  • Rust resistant and stain resistant